Neurodevelopmental, Neurocognitive and Neuropsychiatric disorders
(basic science and translational approaches)


epilepsy/addiction/cortical malformations/depression/Huntington’s/ autistic spectrum disorder/Rett syndrome/schizophrenia/dementia/Alzheimer’s/age-related dementia/chemobrain

Neurodevelopmental and neuropsychiatric disorders affect large segments of the populations and present a challenging, long-term health problem for our society. Interdisciplinary research teams at the University of Virginia study the molecular, cellular, behavioral and system biology aspects of neurodevelopmental, neurocognitive, and neuropsychiatric disorders.  The University of Virginia has particular strengths in research relating to epilepsy, addiction, cortical malformations, depression, Huntington’s, and Rett syndrome at the basic science and translational model systems level.




Neurological Disorders Faculty